Why invest in Darwin or Palmerston?

Darwin and Palmerston are quite possibly two of the most exciting places Australia to invest in at the moment. Where else can you find a city with such high levels of investment, population growth and gifted with some of the highest rental returns in Australia. In addition, the prospect for capital growth is boosted by the cities being close to the bottom of the property cycle.

Darwin and Palmerston and the current economic climate together offer a really quite unique opportunity for investors.

It is rare to find all of the following in one place, at one time:

  • A fast growing and economically diverse environment, covering key sectors of Infrastructure, Government, Agriculture, Tourism, Mining, Military and Education.
  • Palmerston (South) is the 3rd fastest growing population and housing hotspot in Australia.
  • Cash-flow positive properties from Day 1, covering their costs and then providing income (after tax.)
  • Historical above average rental yields, often the highest in Australia.
  • A property market near the bottom of the property cycle, which has traditionally demonstrated dramatic growth during upswing periods.

Our Free Report (PDF) gives detail of many of these aspects, demonstrating that the growth of Darwin and Palmerston is supported by their strategic importance to all of Australia. The map below says it all!

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